eviXscan 3D Optima+ M

Designed for reverse engineering, non-contact quality control and rapid prototyping of medium size objects.

The eviXscan 3D Optima+M scanner replaced the previous Heavy Duty Optima model. This new scanner has modern high-speed cameras of 7 MPix resolution and a new projector with higher light source intensity. The scanning area was increased by 43% and it is now 370 x 265 x 150 mm. At the same time the scanning time decreased 4 times and is 1.2 seconds.

What to expect?

Reverse Engineering. Quality Control. Rapid prototyping.

Excellent quality scans of details which makes this device suitable for most applications, as well as a high density of scanning points, high accuracy.and reduced distance between the scanner itself and the object which facilitates the operation of the measuring device during scanning.

Moreover, its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to integrate with a robot.

scanner 3D portugal evatronix
Technical Parameters Measuring Range 370 x 265 x 150 mm
Points density 117 pt/mm²
Scanning accuracy 0.009 mm²
Scanning time 1.2 secs
Light source Blue Led
Number and type of cameras 2 x 7 Mpix
Software eviXscan 3D Suite
Export formats stl, ply, obj, asc, bin
Operational system Windows 10 (64-bit)
Computer connection USB 3.0
Hardware requirements CPU i5, 16 GB RAM, SSD disc, Direct X graphics card