eviXmatic 2.0

Repeatability. Same high precision. More quality control.
The eviXmatic is an addon device for the eviXscan 3D scanner models, specifically design for guaranteeing repeat-ability and fast measurement in production lines. This means you can count on a consistent measuring data throughout the whole production series, in turn granting you extreme quality control, especially for complex shapes. This automated four-axis system behaves as a docking station – this means you are free to detach your eviXscan scanner and use it independently, when necessary.

– Auto calibration
– Automatic scanning procedure
– Define measurement sequences
– Fixture-free scanning of objects on the rotary table
– Possible simultaneous scanning of several small objects in a single scanning run.

Functional Features Maximum   dimensions of scanned object 250 x 800 mm
Maximum allowable load for object aligned with the axis of rotary table 50 kg
Rotary table diameter 400 mm
Number of motorized axes 5
Maximum   object displacement rotary table: 360º   rotation
horizontal: 1200 mm linear movement
Maximum   3D scanner displacement tilt: -90 to 40
rotate: -90 to 90
Drive type stepper motors
Device   dimensions length: 1560 mm
width: 750 mm
height: 1560 mm
Power   Supply eviXmatic: 230 V AC   221W
external power supply: 24 V DC