The X7 Field Edition is a ruggedized, field-deployable industrial 3D printer designed for tactical response to inventory challenges in remote locations. Increase supply chain resilience by printing tools, adapters, and replacement parts for equipment at the point of need.

Printer Properties Printer Model X7 (Gen 2)
Process Fused Filament   Fabrication, Continuous Filament Fabrication
Build   Volume 330 x 270 x 200 mm
Case   Weight 86 kg
Case   Footprint 914 x 914 x 762 mm
Print   Bed Kinematic coupling — flat to   within 80 μm
Laser In-process inspection, active   print calibration, bed leveling
Extrusion   System Second-generation extruder,   out-of-plastic detection
Power 100–240 VAC, 150 W (2 A peak)
RF   Module Operating Band 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi   Standards 802.11 b/g/n
Materials Plastics Onyx, Onyx FR, ONYX ESD, Nylon   White
Fibers   Available Carbon fiber, fiberglass,   Kevlar®, HSHT fiberglass
Tensile   Strength 800 MPa (25.8x ABS, 2.6x 6061-T6   Aluminum) *
Tensile   Modulus 60 GPa (26.9x ABS, 0.87x 6061-T6   Aluminum) *
Part Properties Layer Height 100 µm default, 50 µm minimum,   250µm maximum
Infill Closed cell infill: multiple   geometries available
Software Eiger Cloud Slicer, part / build management   (other options available at cost)
Blacksmith Adaptive manufacturing platform   (additional purchase required)
Security Two-factor   authentication, org admin access, single sign-on