Affordable & Easy Scanning of Small Objects

Picture a hand-held 3D scanner, meant to capture objects from between 2cm
to 30cm in length.
Now picture that scanner being able to capture tricky objects
such as black surfaces, shiny objects, sharp edges and human hair.

That's Calibry mini.
With a built-in touchscreen for extreme ease (forget the computer screen!),
and just under 900gr, and with a capture rate of 30 frames per second,
this 3D scanner is a sure bet for high-quality rendering with minimum effort.

Additional features include:
- Unlimited licenses for the included, complementary (yet powerful) software
- Software side tools that allow for hole filling, mesh simplification and applying texture
- Hardware-side adjustments such as brightness and sensitivity
- Three tracking modes - geometry, markers, or texture
- Accuracy up to 0.07mm
- Point resolution up to 0.15mm
- Proprietary Camera - Thor 3D's own, in-house especially developed camera